Your Bachelor Diploma

Once you have obtained all credits to graduate (180 EC or more), you can request your bachelor diploma.

Make sure that before you submit your Request for Bachelor Diploma form, you have done the following:

  • Uploaded the Final Version of your Bachelor Thesis on SIN-Online
  • Submitted two hard copies of your final thesis to your supervisor
  • Completed the curriculum assessment questionnaire

Once you meet all the requirements, and the Education Office has received your online request form, your application will be transferred to the examination administration of Erasmus University.

You can access the Request for Bachelor Diploma through the blue box below.

Getting your Diploma

You will receive your bachelor diploma at the Graduation Ceremony in October.
Will you be attending the ceremony? Please confirm your attendance through the Registration Form.

If you are not able to attend the Graduation Ceremony, there are two ways to get a hold of your diploma:

  • Authorize someone to pick up your diploma for you.
    The authorization form is available on the ESSC website.
  • Pick up your diploma before you leave the Netherlands.
    Please note, it is not possible to have the diploma printed before the 1st of August. So if you will be leaving the Netherlands before August, the only option is to authorize someone to pick up your diploma.
In either case, if you will (authorize to) pick up your diploma before the graduation ceremony, please send an e-mail to first. State when you expect the pick up date, so Exam Administration can prepare the diploma.

If you will be attending the graduation ceremony, it is not possible to receive your diploma before this date.

In case you need a proof of graduation, before your diploma is issued, please see the section on Statements & Proofs for more information.