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International Bachelor Communication and Media

General Rules and Procedures for Graduation

Students complete the IBCoM programme by writing a Bachelor thesis. In order to obtain the bachelor’s degree in the academic year 2013-2014, 13 June 2014 is the ultimate date on which you must hand in the final version of their Bachelor thesis.

You will hear within two weeks if the thesis is sufficient. Students who obtain a grade lower than a 5.5 for their final version have two weeks to improve their thesis. If students eventually do not receive a passing mark, they will have to write a new thesis in the next academic year.
1 August is the deadline for the supervisors to submit the grades of the bachelor thesis to the Education Office.

Hand in research proposal and bachelor thesis via SIN Online
In order to enable a plagiarism check and digital storage the final version of the bachelor thesis will have to be submitted via SIN-Online.
The Bachelor Thesis Channel for IBCoM (course code CM3051). The moment your supervisor is known and you have started your thesis you will find your name and the name of your supervisor in this channel. In the manual you will find how to hand in your work.

You also have to submit two hard copies of the final version to the supervisor (intended for him/her and the co-supervisor). In addition to this, you have to submit an abstract (approx. 500 words) via SIN Online, as well as an associated list of key words for publication in ThesisWeb.

Assessment procedure bachelor thesis

A detailed overview of the assessment procedure of the bachelor thesis (including timeline) will be posted in January 2014.

Curriculum assessment questionnaire
During the bachelor’s programme you were regularly asked to fill in course evaluations. As you near graduation, we are interested in hearing how you reflect on various aspects of your programme. To this end we have developed a digital curriculum assessment questionnaire, which has to be filled in before you submit your application for the Bachelor’s examination.

Application procedure bachelor diploma

Before 8 August 2014 you have to submit your request for the bachelor's diploma.
The Request for Bachelor Diploma Form request can only be processed once you have received confirmation that your thesis is 'sufficient'.

Make sure that before you submit your Request for Bachelor Diploma form, you have done the following:

  • Uploaded the Final Version of your Bachelor Thesis on SIN-Online
  • Submitted two hard copies of your final thesis to your supervisor
  • Completed the curriculum assessment questionnaire

Once you meet all the requirements, and the Education Office has received all your request form, your application will be transferred to the examination administration of Erasmus University.

Submit the Request for Bachelor Diploma form here

Before you receive your diploma, how can you prove that you have completed your bachelor degree?

Once all grades have been registered correctly in Osiris, you can go to the Erasmus Student Service Centre (E-building) where you can go to the exam administration of ESHCC.

In order to get a certified transcript of records. Please make sure that you get one that includes an overview of the number of credits per exam component, a so-called student progress report ("studievoortgangsoverzicht").

For more information, please read and study this PDF document carefully.

The Graduation Ceremony will be held in October - you will receive your diploma then. 
Will you attend the Graduation Ceremony? Confirm your attendance through this Registration Form.

If you are not able to attend the Graduation Ceremony, there are two ways to get a hold of your diploma:

  • Authorize someone to pick up your diploma for you.
    The authorization form is available on the ESSC website.
  • Pick up your diploma before you leave the Netherlands.
    Please note, it is not possible to have the diploma printed before the 1st of August. So if you will be leaving the Netherlands before August, the only option is to authorize someone to pick up your diploma.
In either case, if you will (authorize to) pick up your diploma before the graduation ceremony, please send an e-mail to ibcomstudents@eshcc.eur.nl first. State when you expect the pick up date, so Exam Administration can prepare the diploma.

If you will be attending the graduation ceremony, it is not possible to receive your diploma before this date.