Programme Friday 27 November

Printable overview parallel sessions on Friday 


Parallel Session 5 - 9.30 - 11.00 hrs

The Political Economy of the Spectacle

Susanne Janssen

Qualifying the impact of 'commercialization' on the cultural coverage of Dutch, French, German and U.S. Newspapers, 1955-2005.

Gauti Sigthorsson

Heavy cultural industries.

Moniek Jansink & Tonny Krijnen

Culture or commerce: the TV concept-developer at work.

Elizabeth Prommer

Planning the spectacle: test-screenings as the entertainment industries safety net.

Scandalous Spectacles

Ana-Maria Teodorescu

The tyranny of intimacy in Romanian mass-media- Bolero case.

Chris Peters

Tears, tantrums, and truthiness: the rise of the American cable news magazine.

Floris Paalman

Any news from Rotterdam?

Kim McNamara

Paparazzi and new media: The evolving production and consumption of celebrity news and gossip websites.

Sirin Dilli

Reconfiguring Identities in the Media Milieu : Paris Periheries’ Cultural Productions

Parallel Session 6 - 11.15 - 12.45 hrs

Participation in Spectacles

Adnan Hadzi 

Why openness matters: the Deptford TV Project. 

Linus Andersson

40 years of alternative television: activism, art and independent media.

John Farnsworth & Terry Austin

Spectacular participation: the case fof mediated global poker. 

Fadi Hirzalla, & Liesbet van Zoonen

New media participation and conventional participations: the role of efficacy among young people.

Linda Duits & Johan Roeland 

Jesus is my homeboy: young evangelicals and popular culture.

Digital Reconfigurations

Julie Uldam

Promoting resistance in popular online spaces. The case of the World Development Movement. 

Janelle Ward 

Tweeting about Earth Day 2009: new media as spectacle.

Karoliina Talvitie-Lamberg

“I want to make a confession”; confessional storytelling in YouTube.

Anna Notaro

The spectacle of urban consumption and the role of new media in the reconfiguration of the public sphere.

Eser Koker, Ulku Doganay & Inan Ozdemir 

The use of Internet as a new and participatory medium by political parties in Turkey: the case of 2007 general elections.

The Spectacular Film and Genre

Sava? Arslan

Popular cinema in Turkey and its spectacular alterity.  

William Brown

Spectacle takes precedence.

Luke Collins

100% pure adrenaline: cultural surface in Point Break

Tereza Nitisor

Fragmenting the spectacle: postmodernist hyperlink films.

Tommi Römpötti

The ends of road movies, the critique of the spectacle.

Lunch/Business Meetings - 12.45 - 13.45 hrs


Parallel Session 7 - 13.45 - 15.15 hrs

Spectacular Journalism

Simon Faulkner

Photography, citizenship and the Israeli occupation. 

Carla Baptista

Building political audiences through spectacle during censorship times. A study about Portugal (1968-1974).

Sae-Eun Kim 

A spectacle of journalism history of Korea: career change of dismissed journalists in democratized Korea.

Dan Leopard 

The ascent of man: BBC documentary and the rise of global telepresence.

Bas den Herder & Marcel Broersma 

The political interview as media spectacle: Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Musical Spectacles

Caitlin Bruce

Ephemeral utopias and spectacular citizenship: summer music festivals. 

Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo 

Constituting spectacle through popular music – The win of Lordi in Eurovision Song Contest as an example of late modern representation.

Pauwke Berkers

Listening behavior of young adults on

Martina Schuegraf

Revelations. Music spectacles between mainstream and popfeminism.

Art, Games and Sport

Sami Kolamo 

Men's football world cup as (media) spectacle. 

Frans-Willem Korsten

Theatre, spectalce, game: the political importance of a model.

Gladys Pak Lei Chong

A catastrophe came to rescue.

Jeffrey Wimmer 

The spectacle of digital games. An analysis of the emancipatory potential of digital game culture(s). 

Lisa Erdman 

Art, humor, and advertising as a tool for political dialogue.

Parallel Session 8 - 15.30 - 17.00 hrs

Politics, Ideology and Cinematic Text

Anna Batistová

Between spectacle and ideology. Tensions and negotiation between spectacle and ideological message in early Czechoslovak widescreen movies.

Ayse Koncavar

Looking into the 1980 military coup from the aspect of democracy in Turkish cinema.

Ysefa Loshitzky

The camp trilogy: Michaël’s Winterbottom’s In this world, Code 46 and The road to Guantanamo.

Michael Stewart 

The spectacle in Andrea Arnold’s Red Road (2006).

Martin Barker 

Hollywood's Iraq War - understanding the 2007-9 cycle of film failures.

Modernity and Visual Culture

José Manuel Gomes Pinto

The image regime’s: from spectacle to art.

Kati Röttger

The spectacle: a paradigm of modernity?

Peter Dallow

Visual to virtual, spectacle to spectral: “framed sights” in the new ubiquitous media spacetime.

Gazing the Spectacle

Yang Jing 

Public gaze, private wound: the rhetoric of defending virginity in viral video sites.

Fien Adriaens 

Exploring gendered media consumption among migrant teenagers.

Sofie Van Bauwel 

Claiming the real and the feminine. The construction of authenticity.

Closing Plenary Session - 17.00 - 17.30 hrs


Denise Bielby gives a short impression on 2 days Media, Communication and the Spectacle.

Chaired by Tonny Krijnen