Globalisation and Cultural Heritage


Project leaders

Prof. dr. Marlite Halbertsma and prof. dr. Alex van Stipriaan Luïscius

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Prof. dr. Marlite Halbertsma

Duration of the project



Up until 1945, collecting and preserving cultural heritage in public or semi-public institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, listed monuments, and archaeological sites was an activity carried out largely in the West. After the Second World War, however, the number of cultural heritage institutions multiplied rapidly all over the world, and some of them were quite different from the institutions that inspired them. In addition, when UNESCO introduced the notions of World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage, the discussion on the definition, function and use of cultural heritage and its institutions took on a global dimension. In the last twenty years, developments in communication and transport have made cultural heritage available to a world public.

This proposal will analyse and clarify recent global developments in cultural heritage and its institutions, on both a macro- and micro-scale. The connection between globalisation and cultural heritage will be analysed in two separate publications: a monograph on fundamental theoretical and conceptual aspects of globalisation and cultural heritage, and a dissertation on cultural tourism in the Black Atlantic and its implications for heritage institutions in Africa and the Caribbean.