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Current Students

In this section the current students of the IBCoM programme can find all the information relevant to their studies.

Course Information

Under Course Information students can find information regarding the courses; this includes an overview of the courses, information on the descriptions, guides & literature, lecturers, and how to register for courses. In addition, attendance rules, and writing guidelines are included here. Finally, students can consult the tutorials & workgroups page to see to which group they have been assigned.

Guidelines & regulations

Under Guidelines & Regulations students will find information that is important to the programme's rules, regulations, and guidelines. This includes, the attendance rules, teaching and examination regulations, binding study advice, and plagiarism & cheating.


These pages are also the place students can complete their StudyPlan, after having consulted the options in Focus Areas and Minor Electives.
More information on the Minor, Study Abroad, Internship, and possible Master Programmes after having finished the Bachelor's degree is also included.

If students feel some information is missing, or have any questions, please feel free to contact the IBCoM staff at any time.