Media & Business

Master Media Studies

Honours Programme

The Honours Programme is an extracurricular challenge programme (10 credits) for excellent students, providing them the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and skills in the professional field.

  • The Honours Programme will start in term 4 and will take place for the most part after term 4 during the summer months.
  • The Honours Programme consists of an applied project in the field of media and communication in collaboration with one or more external organisations.
  • Students will be invited to apply for admission to the Honours Programme depending on their performance in the first two terms of the master’s programme and the successful completion of their master thesis proposal.
  • Only students who have obtained 40 credits after term 3, who have successfully completed their master thesis proposal on time, and who have a GPA of a 7.5 or higher will be admitted to the programme.
  • A  total of 10 students - from all four specialisation programmes of the Media Studies together - will be admitted to the Honours Programme. Selection will be based on academic performance and motivation.