Media & Business

Honours Degree

Students with high grades can complete what is known as an Honours Degree programme of an additional 20 EC in preparation for a PhD. This programme is completed in addition to the standard Media & Business programme. Altogether, this involves 60 EC + 20 EC, constituting a total of 80 EC. By taking the following Honours Degree programme or by taking an abridged research masters after the MSC programme, students can increase their odds of getting a position as a PhD candidate.

The Honours Degree programme consists of the following elements:

  • One or two additional seminars (equivalent to a total of 10 EC), potentially focusing on a specific theme, to be taken within another Master’s programme at the EUR or another Dutch or foreign university). The selection of the subject/universities always takes place in close consultation with the Master’s programme coordinator.
  • An extension of the master thesis (=10 EC), consisting of:
    • a critical treatise on existing research in the area concerned
    • an exploration of the opportunities for new research;
    • a research proposal for a PhD thesis.

Students who want to be eligible for an Honours Degree must submit a proposal halfway through the second term, indicating which additional courses will be taken and how the scope of the Master’s thesis will be expanded and extended as a research proposal for a PhD trajectory. This proposal will be assessed by the programme director. If approved, arrangements will also be made as to the period within which the additional programme must be completed.

The Honours Degree will only be awarded to students who:

  • have completed the enhanced Master’s programme within the specified period
  • have earned at least a mark of 7,5 for their Master’s thesis