Master's Thesis

Writing a Master's thesis is the focal point of the master's programme. The Master's thesis requires students, based on their own original research, to demonstrate their abilities to contribute to the academic debate of a specific subject in their own field of study. 

The thesis is supervised by the individual lecturer. However, the process of conducting research and writing the master thesis is supported by the meetings and workshops that take place in the framework of the so-called Master Class.

Based on an approved research proposal drawn up during term 2 of the academic year, the student and supervisor agree about the nature and frequency of thesis supervision. The assumption is that a draft version will be submitted to the supervisor generally four months after the research proposal has been approved which is of such quality that – in the supervisor’s opinion – the thesis can be finalized, enabling the student to graduate in the same academic year.

The maximum supervision period of the Master’s thesis is half an academic year (for full-time students) or one academic year (for part-time students) after the supervising lecturer has approved the research proposal.

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