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Annemarie Kersten PhD

Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

Annemarie Kersten received a bachelor's degree in Arts and Culture Studies and a master's degree in Media Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her master's thesis I Couldn't Help but Wonder... considered the extent to which a television program can function as a cultural forum and comprised narrative analysis of the HBO sitcom Sex and the City.

After receiving her Master's degree in 2006, Annemarie started work as a research assistant for Prof. Susanne Janssen and became involved in the research project Cultural Classification Systems in Transition at the Department of Arts & Culture Studies of Erasmus University. She then got a position as a PhD candidate in the Department of Media & Communication in July 2008 and defended her dissertation in November 2012. The dissertation, entitled Terms of Enjoyment, focuses on film discourse and the changing classifications of film in France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, and US since 1955. 

Annemarie Kersten works as Assistant Professor Arts & Society in the department of Arts & Culture Studies since April 2013. Her main research interests include aesthetics, discourse, and symbolic boundaries.