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Stephan Klein




Stephan Klein (1964) is a post-doc researcher at the Center for Historical Culture.  His research focuses on history teaching and museum education in the context of the debate about academic standards and the rise of public history. The empirical part deals with heritage educators and history teachers as mediators in historical culture: how do they think and act with regard to issues of heritage and ownership, collective and personal identity and teaching students to think historically and critically examine textual, (audio-)visual, material and immaterial remains of the past.  The project is part of the NWO funded research on Heritage Education, Plurality of Narratives and Shared Historical Knowledge (Prof. M.C.R. Grever and Prof. C.A.M van Boxtel).

He  is also the project leader of the valorisation project 'Dynamic heritage education in the Netherlands', which uses collaboration between history teachers and museum educators to develop an educational website on the topic of the transatlantic slave trade and slavery. The project is funded by the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Stichting Herdenking Slavernijverleden 2013.

He is a co-supervisor of the PhD-research of Tina van der Vlies on national narratives in Dutch and English history textbooks (1920-2010).

He studied history at Utrecht University. His PhD deals with the classical and modern republican ideas of the Dutch patriot movement in the Netherlands at the end of the eighteenth century. He works as a history teacher educator at Leiden University and is editor and didactical advisor  of history textbook Memo for upper secondary education. His research interests include early modern political and cultural history, colonial history and heritage,  history teaching and heritage education.