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Janna Michael MSc

PhD Candidate / Lecturer


Biographical Note

Janna Michael is working since September 2011 as a lecturer and a PhD candidate in the Department of Arts and Culture Studies and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

She studied Sociology and a Minor in Media and Communication at the University of Hamburg, where she wrote her BA thesis on friendship on social networking sites.
With her interests including symbolic boundaries, popular culture, social movements and research methods, she joined the Research Master program Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts at the Erasmus University. Her Master thesis, It’s really not hip to be a hipster: Negotiating trends and individuality in the cultural field, addressed the negotiation of mainstream, uniqueness and authenticity in fashion and music consumption. This research led her to her PhD research which compares the perception of symbolic boundaries of different societal groups. It addresses how cultural hierarchies such as high and low arts; novelty and trendiness are negotiated and organized among different societal groups.

In 2011 she will be teaching in the following courses: Production and Reception of
Culture, Introduction to Social Science Research, Introduction to Statistical Analysis and
Qualitative Methods.