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Max Kemman MSc

(Junior) Researcher




Max Kemman (1987) is employed at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication since 1 October 2011 for the European research project AXES – Access to Audiovisual Archives together with Martijn Kleppe, dr. Stef Scagliola and prof. dr. Henri Beunders.

Max has a background in ICT, with a BSc in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and an MSc in Content and Knowledge Engineering, which he finished in September 2011 at Utrecht University. His master-thesis focused on searching for academic literature, asking whether a searcher could better assess which articles are relevant or important when the citations between articles are visualized. This was researched with a user study.

Besides his study he was employed at SURFfoundation at the platform ICT & Research. Here he worked on several projects, among which the metadata standards for Enhanced Publication and the development of a visualiser for these metadata.

With this background Max has developed an interest in usability and performing studies about this. He will employ this experience in his role as a researcher in the AXES project, where he will focus on what AXES can offer academic and home users.