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Peter Nikken


Biographical Note

As of January 2011 Peter Nikken (1960) is Professor of Parental Mediation at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a senior researcher at the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi) in Utrecht. He received his PhD from Leiden University in 1999 with a thesis on quality standards for children's television.

His present research focuses on the intermediate role of parents and professional educators. First, it is important to know how parents apply parental mediation to their children's media use and whether these strategies are effective as their children are growing up.  Secondly, more knowledge is needed on the instruments, and sources of information or advice that parents can rely on when guiding their children's media use.

Peter Nikken has published widely both popular and academic reports on children, young people and media in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, he has also given many presentations on children and media regarding media violence, advertising, children's TV broadcasting policy, Baby TV, and sex in the media. He is an academic consultant for Kijkwijzer and PEGI (the age-rating classification systems for media productions), Peuter TV (the public broadcasters todler's TV department), Mijn Kind Online, and Mediasmarties (parent's advisory system on suitable children's media productions).