David Novak PhD

Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

David R. Novak (PhD, Ohio University, 2006) has been appointed an assistant professor in the Department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University. David Novak’s research is focused on communication as it relates to organizing for social change, with primary interests in democratic values and community construction. His recent work concerns homelessness and civic journalism in an American context. Additionally, he has interests in social issues (e.g., disability, race, poverty) as they relate to organizational and community citizenship and participation.

A related area of David Novak’s research concerns visual representations of the social world. Primarily via a method called photovoice, he attempts to integrate visual aspects into his research in addition to more traditional written and spoken means.

David Novak holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Ohio University with emphases in communication and organizing, communication theory, and qualitative research methods. He also earned a MSc in Communication and a BSc in Public Relations from Illinois State University. David Novak’s professional career also includes work for a human resources consulting firm. Until July 2010, he worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Communication at Clemson University.

David Novak has published refereed articles in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, Health Communication, Communication Methods & Measures, Southern Communication Journal, and the Basic Communication Course Annual.