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Maloe Sniekers MA

Lecturer/PhD Candidate


Biographical Note

Maloe Sniekers is a lecturer and PhD candidate in the Department of Arts and Culture Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Maloe studied Arts and Culture Studies (BA and MA) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She conducts her PhD research in the field of ‘dark tourism’, the tourist consumption of sites associated with death and suffering. Her BA thesis focused on the houses of the infamous criminal Marc Dutroux and how various parties have dealt with his ‘guilty houses’. These parties involved local authorities, neighboring residents, local tourist agencies and tourists who visited the houses. This research was expanded for her MA thesis, in which a cross-national comparative research was carried out, focusing on, next to the houses of Dutroux, the evil homes of Josef Fritzl in Austria and Fred and Rosemary West in the United Kingdom.

In 2011-2012 she will be teaching the following courses: Geschiedenis van Kunst en Cultuur, Overdracht van Kunst en Cultuur, Kunst, Cultuur & Geschiedenis, Organisatie van Kunst en Cultuur en Methoden en Technieken van Sociaal-Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek.