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Dr. Stef Scagliola




Stef Scagliola (1958) is a historian of Italian origin who first studied museum education at the Reinwardt Academy and later social history at the Faculty of History and Arts of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (at present Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication).

She graduated cum laude in 1996 and was rewarded the Jan Romein award for contemporary history for her master thesis on Historical Taboos. At the same faculty she conducted a PhD research from 1997 to 2002, resulting in her dissertation: 'Burden of War, Coming toterm with Dutch War Crimes in Indonesia’. This study was shortlisted for the ICODO Award in 2002.  Click here to listen to a podcast in Dutch on her book ‘Last van de oorlog; de Nederlandse oorlogsmisdaden en hun verwerking”

She later specialized in digital audiovisual archives, with an emphasis on oral history collections. From 2006-2011 she was the coordinator of the Interviewproject Dutch Veterans (Interviewproject Nlse Veteranen) consisting of more then 1000 digitally recorded life-story interviews from among a representative sample of Dutch war- and military mission veterans. The unrestricted part of the collection is freely accessible here, the restricted part can be accessed in a password controlled environment through Data Archiving Networked Services DANS. Click here to see a video-lecture in English on Oral Military History.

Through the development of the infrastructure for generating and structuring the data and providing differentiated access to this collection, she became involved in various ICT-projects and developed into an intermediate between ICT-researchers and scholars in the humanities/social sciences. This is the link to her present position within the ESHCC: member of the research group AXES, that explores and develops the application of advanced search technology within audiovisual archives for various user groups. She is responsible for developing a training program for academics to acquire the digital skills to search and use audiovisual archives for educational and research purposes. She is also engaged at the Erasmus Studio for e-research, where she is responsible for the methodology of generating a series of video-life-stories interviews with victims of war and detention in various regions of former Yugoslavia. She is also responsible for designing a multidisciplinary research agenda.

More information on Stef Scagliola is available here.



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