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Prof.dr. Carla van Boxtel

Endowed professor Historical culture and education


Biographical Note

Since 2008 I am endowed professor Historical Culture and Education at the Center for Historical Culture of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I also work as Associate professor at the Research Institute Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam and give lead to the Dutch Centre for Social Studies Education (Landelijk Expertisecentrum Mens- en Maatschappijvakken).  Furthermore, I am director of the master ‘Academisch Meesterschap’ for experienced secondary school teachers.

I studied history and educational sciences at Utrecht University. My dissertation on collaborative concept learning at Utrecht University (2000) was awarded by the Netherlands Educational Research Association (VOR) with the award for the best dissertation in the field of educational science. After my PhD I worked as assistant professor at the department of Educational Sciences of Utrecht University. I was editor of the much used history textbook series MeMo for secondary schools (1995-2007).

My research focuses on the learning and teaching of history. I published on historical reasoning, the learning of historical concepts, the use of visual representations such as pictures and schemas, heritage education and the potential of collaborative learning in small groups and whole-class discussions.