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Tina van der Vlies MA



Biographical Note

Tina van der Vlies (1987) studied History (BA) and History of Society (MA) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She graduated cum laude in 2010, having also completed a Honors Degree trajectory (20 study-points above the ordinary MA study in the required period). Her MA thesis focuses on the social-cultural meanings of English and Dutch charity schools, 1850-1920.

After her graduation in Rotterdam, she worked as a history teacher in secondary education and she did a Master in Education in Leiden (ICLON). She graduated cum laude in 2011.

Since September 2011, Van der Vlies is a PhD student and lecturer (docent promovendus) at the Center for Historical Culture (CHC), Erasmus University Rotterdam. She works on the research project Historical scholarship and school history: national narratives in Dutch and English textbooks, 1920-2010 funded by NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research).



CH 2010 – Statistiek      

CH 2016 – Theorie van de Geschiedenis I + II

CH 3020 – Historische Beeldvorming

CH 1102  Denken over Geschiedenis I