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Tina van der Vlies MA


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Biographical Note

Tina van der Vlies (1987) studied History (BA) and History of Society (MA) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She graduated cum laude in 2010, having also completed a Honors Degree trajectory (20 study-points above the ordinary MA study in the required period). Her MA thesis focuses on the social-cultural meanings of English and Dutch charity schools, 1850-1920.

After her graduation in Rotterdam, she worked as a history teacher in secondary education and she did a Master in Education in Leiden (ICLON). She graduated cum laude in 2011.

Since September 2011, Van der Vlies is a PhD student and lecturer (docent promovendus) at the Center for Historical Culture (CHC), Erasmus University Rotterdam. She works on the research project Historical scholarship and school history: national narratives in Dutch and English textbooks, 1920-2010 funded by NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research).



CH 2010 – Statistiek      

CH 2016 – Theorie van de Geschiedenis I + II

CH 3020 – Historische Beeldvorming

CH 1102  Denken over Geschiedenis I