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Niels van Poecke MA

Lecturer / PhD Candidate

Biographical Note

Niels van Poecke (1983) is a lecturer and PhD-candidate at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. He grew up in the city of Terneuzen in the south of the Netherlands, where he developed a taste for popular music, most notably blues music. Between 2001 and 2007, he studied Arts and Culture studies (BA), Sociology of Arts and Culture (MA), and Philosophy of Arts and Culture (MA) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After obtaining his master’s degree in 2007, he worked for four years as a programme maker at the Studium Generale of Erasmus University, where he organized academic, cultural and societal lectures, debates, and workshops for students and others interested.

During his studies, he combined his passion for popular music with his interest for sociological and philosophical research, culminating in a MA thesis on the formation of taste in Americana music among Dutch aficionados, entitled: White collars and denim jackets, and a MA thesis on blues music in connection to Greek tragedy and the philosophy of Nietzsche, entitled: The tragedy of tragedy: on Nietzsche, Wagner and blues music, for which he won the ‘Nationale Popscriptie Prijs 2007’, the award for the best popular music research conducted by a Dutch student. His fields of interest include Romanticism (philosophy, art, literature), tragedy and popular culture, in particular social constructions/strategies of authenticity in sixties and post-sixties popular music genres.

His PhD-research (working title: (Re)shaping Authenticity) focuses on processes of authentication in several contemporary popular music genres. In 2011-2012 he will be teaching the following courses: Geschiedenis van Kunst en Cultuur, Overdracht van Kunst en Cultuur, Sociologie van Kunst en Cultuur, Arbeidsmarkt in de culturele sector, Kunst- en Cultuurbeleid en Kunstfilosofie. He occasionally writes about sociology and philosophy of culture and popular music for the webzine Notes on metamodernism.