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Marc Verboord PhD

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Biographical Note

Marc Verboord (1971) works as an Associate professor in the Department of Media & Communication of Erasmus University. His teaching activities focus on audience research in the field of media and culture, the role of Internet as information medium, cultural institutions, and quantitative and qualitative research methods. He teaches in the International BA in Communication and Media (IBCoM), the MA Media Studies and the Research MA Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts. His research interests and publications concern a variety of themes in the sociology of culture and media: inequality in cultural participation, the role of the Internet in cultural consumption and taste formation, the impact of media and other institutions in the cultural field, processes of symbolic production, and trends in time.

Marc Verboord studied Language and Culture Studies, with the specialisation Marketing and Sociology of Books, at Tilburg University. In 1997, he became a PhD student at the Interuniversity Centre of Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) in Utrecht, examining the influence of literary education and parental socialization on the reading of fiction books in the period 1975-2000. He received his PhD in Sociology from Utrecht University in 2003.

Between 2002 and 2004, Marc Verboord worked as post doc researcher at the Faculty of Arts at Tilburg University, participating in the NWO funded research program Cultural Canons and Cultural Capacities. Between 2004 and 2009, he worked as a research fellow on the VICI-project Cultural Classification Systems in Transition, at the Department for Arts and Culture Studies of Erasmus University.

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