Research in History, Culture and Communication


The Faculty conducts research and offers research training in the fields of history, arts and culture, and media and communication. Our research approaches are interdisciplinary in nature, comparative in scope, grounded in historical, social, cultural and economic science theory and methodology, and are geared to contributing to the further development of knowledge, methodology, and theory.  In all of our research activities, special attention is paid to the societal context and bearing of the research.

Our researchers participate in joint research programs within the Faculty and are actively involved in interfaculty and interuniversity - often international - research activities and projects.The Faculty's research centres serve as a platform for scholarly debate and exchange.

Researchers at the Faculty entertain close relations with both public and private institutions and organizations. They are actively engaged in making research findings accessible to various non-university audiences.

The Faculty highly values the fertile interface between research, research training and education. All tenured  faculty teaches at BA and/or MA levels. The research masters Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts and Early Modern Intellectual History offers talented students the opportunity to qualify for a career in research.