Entry Requirements

You are eligible for the Research Master's programme if you meet the following requirements:

  • You hold a university Bachelor's degree in the social sciences or the arts
  • You have basic knowledge of social scientific research methods
  • You have a sufficient level of English proficiency
  • An average grade in your previous studies of at least 7.5 according to the Dutch grading system

Additional Selection Criteria

Among candidates who meet the above requirements, a further selection is made on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Connection between your previous studies and the Research master's programme
    • Grade point average (GPA)
    • Analytical and academic writing skills
    • Motivation
    • International background

Abridged Programme

As a rule, students are admitted to the full two-year programme.

If you have demonstrated academic excellence and motivation during one of the regular one-year master’s programmes in Sociology, Arts and Culture Studies, Media, or Communication and your English meets the standard, you may apply for admission to an abridged version of the programme.

If you are admitted, you are exempted from the research traineeship as well as the courses you have already taken during your one-year master’s programme, resulting in an abridged version of the programme of approximately one year.