Arjo Klamer and Aldo Do Carmo teach at University of São Paulo

Between 14th and 20th of August, the lecturers professor Arjo Klamer and J. Aldo Do Carmo MA will go to the University of São Paulo (USP) for a series of conferences and a course. The program realizes the partnership between EUR and USP, agreed in 2011 for exchange of scholars, researchers and students.

It starts on August 14th with a Masterclass "Perspectives of Cultural Economics" by Klamer, to scholars and students from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEARP-USP) in Ribeirão Preto (Brazil).

At the same faculty the course "Economics and Management of Arts and Culture" will take place, as a discipline in their post-graduation program. It consists on nine lectures, five of them taught by professor Klamer, one by Do Carmo, and three by professor João Passador, from USP; they will cover aspects of Cultural Economics, as its perspective, financing arts, cultural entrepreneurship, cultural organizations, and creative industries.

On August 20th, Klamer will be at the main campus of USP in São Paulo (Brazil) for two more conferences. In the morning he will speak to scholars (economists, managers and strategy thinkers) and students from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEA-USP) regarding "Economic aspects of the Euro". In the afternoon, the second conference will be at the School of Communication and Arts (ECA-USP) on "Perspectives of Cultural Economics".

They expect to develop the partnership with the exchange of students and professors, and pave the way for future collaborations for courses and researches for the entire ESHCC.

Click on the links for more information about this conference and the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEA-USP)

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