Axes - Access to Audiovisual Archives

Axes is a European Researchproject, funded by the FP7 Framework Programme of the European Union. The goal of AXES is to develop tools that provide various types of users with new engaging ways to interact with audiovisual libraries, helping them discover, browse, navigate, search and enrich archives.

In particular, apart from a search-oriented scheme, we will explore how suggestions for audiovisual content exploration can be generated via a myriad of information trails crossing the archive. This will be approached from three perspectives (or axes): users, content, and technology.

Together with European partners like the BBC, Oxford University, GEIE ERCIM & KU Leuven, the Erasmus University Rotterdam will mainly investigate the search process of users of audiovisual archives. How do they search? Which terms do they use? Which results are useful? And from a more historiographical point of view: How do these search techniques influence our historical knowledge, memory and representation?