Programme Committees

The Programme Committee is an advisory body that plays an important role in the systematic evaluation of the teaching provided by each Department. The Programme Committee has the duty of providing advice, both solicited and unsolicited, to the Head of Department, the Director of Education and the Dean in respect of policy preparation for and implementation of the programmes concerned, such as the quality of the current curriculum, desired changes, and any other matter they may deem important as part of educational innovation and curriculum reviews.

The Programme Committees consist of student members and staff members.

There are three Programme Comittees:

Programme Committee History

e-mail address:

Staff members

Student members

Dr Robbert-Jan Adriaansen

Joas Haster (BA-3 GS) 

Prof. Maria Grever

Simone Hoogveld (BA-2 IBH)

Hilde Sennema MA 

Maaike de Keulenaar (MA GHIR)

Dr Ben Wubs 

Will O'Rourke (MA GHIR)


Programme Committee Arts and Culture Studies

e-mail address:

Staff members

Student members

Dr Pauwke Berkers (chair)

Mariëlle Verdijk (MA ACS)

Balász Boross MA

Justine Gensse (IBACS-2)

Dr. Ellen Loots

Chloë Neeleman (Arts, Culture & Society)

Frank Weij MA

Lara Rose Eikamp (IBACS-1)


Programme Committee Media & Communication

e-mail address:

Staff members

Student members

Dr Vidhi Chaudhri (chair)

Alix Budelmann (SCMA / Research Master)

Dr Aleid Fokkema

Matthias de Heer (MA M&J)

Dr Daniel Trottier

Alexandra Joon (MA M&B)

Dr Janelle Ward

Carina Jung (IBCoM-2)

Razjaan Rashid (IBCoM-1)