Marc van Berkel in AD: Lessons on Holocaust are often insufficient

Information on the Holocaust in Dutch history textbook is often incomplete, according to Van Berkel.

July 14 | Symposium 'A Multiperspective Understanding of the Past: The Elephant in the Room of Diverse Societies?'

How do we deal with conflicting interpretations of the past in diverse societies?

July 17-23 | CHC presence at NIOD & Nanjing University Summer School 'Practices of Remembrance beyond Memory Politics'

How do Asian and European societies deal with the legacies of 20th century mass violence?

August 24-26 | 5 CHC-members participate in the national conference 'Historicidagen 2017' at Utrecht University

Three days of inspiring lectures, debates and workshops on all aspects of the history profession!

Sept. 14 | PhD defense Marc van Berkel

How was the Holocaust represented in Dutch and German history textbooks from 1960 to 2010?

Center for Historical Culture

On May 12th, 2006, the Center for Historical Culture (CHC) was established at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Center initiates, coordinates and produces academic research on historical culture. The term historical culture refers to various forms of historical understanding and relationships to the past, articulated by individuals, groups, institutes and large communities in a broad array of narratives, media, ideologies and attitudes. The Center also collaborates with museums, memorial centers, heritage institutes and educational institutes, by providing advice and stimulating reflection on practices of professional, disciplinary and public uses of the past.