What makes them tick?

In the series ‘What makes them tick’, Erasmus researchers explain why they love their research.

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Research project in which Koen van Eijck participates receives NWO grant

Project on gameful music performances receives grant form NWO.

Project on pop music receives NWO grant

The project is a collaboration between the university and different cultural institutions.

Master Arts, Culture and Society

In Rotterdam we teach you the skills to advise and assist cultural organizations with their knowledge of marketing and understanding of public tastes and motivations. Our master’s programme is unique because it employs an international approach that integrates present-day modes of production, distribution and consumption of arts and culture beyond and across national cultural boundaries. You are trained to envision new possibilities and establish new models for the organization of arts and culture using cutting-edge insights on policy, marketing, audiences and education.

You will get knowledge and understanding of development, establishment and methods of the international art world in relation to developments in society as a whole. Furthermore, you can contribute to theory and research in the field of policy and organisational issues within the art world.

Fulltime / Part-time 

All Arts and Culture studies masters can be followed fulltime or part-time.