Nazi's were not rational and reticent

The historian responded to Boudry's claim that jihadi's are more dangerous than nazi's.

Maria Grever: let historians study games and theater

During the Historian Days (Historicidagen), Grever gave a keynote on history and popular culture.

Marc van Berkel in AD: Lessons on Holocaust are often insufficient

Information on the Holocaust in Dutch history textbook is often incomplete, according to Van Berkel.

What makes them tick? Ben Wubs

In What Makes Them Tick, researchers tell us why they love their work.

What makes them tick? Alex van Stipriaan

In 'What makes them tick?', researchers tell us where their passion for a certain topic comes from.

History of Society

In the master specialisation Global History and International Relations in Rotterdam you will be looking for answers to cutting-edge questions on historical processes of globalisation, international relations and cultural encounters.

  • How did the United States influence Dutch popular culture and technology in the 20th century?
  • What do diplomatic papers and human rights reports tell us about World War II and the Soviet Union stimulating nationalistic passions in Yugoslavia?
  • How can we trace the roots of the Arab spring back to social, economic and geopolitical developments during the Cold War?
  • Why do rising economies like China and India currently challenge military, political and economic power in the world?

Top Rated Programme

In 2016, this Master was named a top educational programme, as the programme has been voted the best history Master in the Netherlands by students as well as experts (according to the Dutch magazine Elsevier and the Keuzegids).

In de Keuzegids Masters 2016, History of Society has been indicated as a 'Top Rated Programme', based on a comparative study of seven Master's in history in the Netherlands. Students and experts particularly stressed the high quality of the teaching staff.

In de Keuzegids Masters 2017, the programme was rated as the best programme of its kind. Students were again very positive about the teaching staff's quality, the programme content and the communication.

Fulltime / Parttime

The master History of Society can be followed fulltime or parttime.