Media & Creative Industries

Master Media Studies

Music, movies, TV programmes, social media, magazines, books, games, vlogs, apps, advertisements, commercials, brand logos. People are in contact with products of the media and creative industries all the time. The industries creating and disseminating these products are not just economically increasingly important, they also have a wide-ranging cultural impact. The media and creative industries have greatly transformed in recent years, due to digitalization, internationalization, and economies of scale, but also under the influence of socio-cultural, political and economic developments.

The Media & Creative Industries programme covers current issues in organization, policies, production, management, marketing and distribution of media companies and creative industries, paying due attention to the impact of digitalization and digital media and the role of audiences. 

While the programme focuses on the workings of the media and creative industries, it also addresses the cultural significance of the media and creative industries for society.

The programme meets the growing demand for academically trained media and creative industry experts who are able to respond effectively and inventively to changing conditions, complex issues, and new opportunities for media and creative enterprises.

The programme for you?

The Media & Creative Industries programme targets bachelor graduates with an international outlook and an entrepreneurial mind-set who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to make their way into a variety of media and creative industry professions.