International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

This international bachelor offers a unique approach to the world of arts and culture. During the course of our three-year program, you will acquire a thorough understanding of how the cultural sector is organized, and gain insight into the socio-economic and political contexts that allow the arts to flourish. The contemporary cultural landscape requires creative professionals with analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of cultural policy, arts education, art markets, audiences, heritage, cultural organizations, creative industries and entrepreneurship in a global perspective.

If you are driven by an academic curiosity about the arts, creative industries or economics; if you want to develop original and well-founded ideas about how to produce, sustain and disseminate culture; and if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow international students, then the International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies is the programme for you.

Fulltime / Part-time

IBACS is a programme of three years that can only be followed fulltime. Hence, it is not possible to follow the programme part-time. It is possible to follow our pre-masters Arts, Culture & Society and Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship part-time.