Communication & Media

International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM)

Media, telecommunications, computer networks, and creative industries touch many aspects of daily lives and reach every corner of the world. They have had an increasing impact on political and cultural life, and on entire economies across the globe. The shift in our everyday experiences towards enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people's personal and working lives. Communication and Media has thus become a vital and rewarding field of study, that will help you understand contemporary global society and to function successfully within it.

Meeting the demands of the contemporary communication and media professions requires flexibility, creativity and adaptability to ever-changing, increasingly global and diverse working environments. That's why the International Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme in Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus University takes a comparative, international approach to communication and media studies. The IBCoM programme is taught exclusively in English to a diverse student body from all corners of the world. The number of places is limited, and students are selected according to their international backgrounds and aspirations. With extensive opportunities for international exchanges, IBCoM is an excellent stepping stone to advanced studies or a career in communications and related fields. 

The International Bachelor Communication and Media was launched in 2009 to complement the renowned curricula offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read more