Upon Graduation

Upon completion of the International Bachelors in Communication and Media, you may choose to either continue your studies at Erasmus University by doing a Masters, transfer to another university, or begin your career. The BSc in Communication and Media makes you immediately eligible for the two Masters in Media Studies ("Media, Culture and Society" and "Media and Business") and you are eligible to apply for the Research Master in the "Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts" at Erasmus University. You are also eligible to apply for most other Masters programmes in the field of communication and media in the Netherlands and abroad.

If you decide to join the workforce, you can take on specialised communication jobs in a variety of fields, including marketing, management, sales, corporate communications, public relations, internal communications, government, public affairs, education, journalism, and the media and entertainment industries. Of course, taking a masters on top of your bachelors increases your chances of jump-starting your career.

For more detailed information on the Master's programs and possibilities after your Bachelor's Degree, please go to the corresponding pages under Current Students.