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Ashkan Ashkpour



Biographical Note

Ashkan Ashkpour is a PhD candidate at the International Institute of Social History and Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Ashkan holds a bachelor degree in Business IT and a Master of Science degree in Economics and Informatics from the Erasmus University.

The topic of his PhD research is the ‘theory and practice of data harmonization’ with specific focus on the evolution and harmonization of historical Dutch census data. Census data plays an invaluable role in the historical study of society and are among the most frequently consulted sources of statistics. The project will result in generic methods and tools to weave historical and socio-economic datasets into an interlinked semantic data-web by using RDF technology.

His current research interests include (among others) the harmonization of historical data, dynamics of societal changes, scholarly collaboration, virtual research environments / collaboratories, organizational and individual impacts of advanced information systems, ERP systems and strategic alignment of IT.