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Arianne Baggerman




Arianne Baggerman was born in 1959 in Schiedam. She studied history at the Erasmus Universi­teit Rotterdam. Her subject was a seventeenth-century author about whom she published: Een drukkend ge­wicht. Leven en werk van de zeventien­de-eeuwse veelschrijver Simon de Vries (Amsterdam/Atlanta, Rodopi, 1993). As a researcher (onder­zoeker-in-opleiding, OIO) at the Univer­siteit van Utrecht she studied the Dutch publishing house Blussé in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She pu­blished her dissertation in 2000, Een lot uit de lote­rij. Fami­liebelangen en uitgeverspolitiek in de Dordtse firma A. Blusse en zoon 1745-1823 (The Hague, SDU, 2000), English trans­lation forthcoming. In 2001 she was awarded a `Vernieu­wingsim­puls' by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for her research project `Con­trol­ling time and shaping the Self: education, intro­spec­tion and practices of writing in the Netherlands 1750-1914'. The aim of this project is linking the rise of autobiographical writing in the nine­teenth century to new ideas and practices in education and peda­gogy, the changing experience of time, the coming of a new sense of history, and, finally, the role of publishers in developing the genre. In 2006 she organised in Rotterdam an internati­onal conference on these subjects. One of the results of this pro­ject was a study based on a childhood diary dating from the late eighteenth century, Kind van de toe­komst. De wondere wereld van Otto van Eck (1790-1798) (Amster­dam, We­reldbiblio­theek, 2005), co-written with Rudolf Dekker. This book was in 2006 awarded the dr.Wijnaendts Franc­ken­ prize of the Maat­schap­pij der Nederland­se Letterkunde and in 2008 the Marti­nus J. Lange­veld prize of the Universitei van Utrecht. In 2009 a new edition was published by Prometheus/Bert Bakker titled De wondere wereld van Otto van Eck (1790-1798). Een cultuurge­schiedenis van de Bataafse revolu­tie. In the same year an English translation was published Child of the En­lightenment, Revolutionary Europe reflected in a boyhood diary (Leiden, Brill). She was also co-editor of a collection of essays on historical research and egodocuments, Egodocu­menten: nieuwe wegen en perspec­tie­ven (Amster­dam, Aksant, 2005). She published articles in Dutch and international journals and collections of es­says.


Arianne Baggerman is a member of the editorial board of Quae­ren­do. A Quarter­ly Journal from the Low Countries Devoted to Manu­scripts and Printed Books. In 2006 she launched an inter­national book series, Egodo­cu­ments and History, published by Brill, of which she is co-editor.


Arianne Baggerman teaches history at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and she was in 2009 appointed professor in the histo­ry of publishing and book trade at the Univer­siteit van Am­sterdam.