J. Aldo Do Carmo, MA

PhD candidate

Biographical Note

J. Aldo Do Carmo teaches at Arts and Cultural Studies Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2010, he’s been teaching in the disciplines Cultural Economics, Cultural Management and Cultural Organisations, Cultural (and Arts) Marketing, Cultural Industries, and Creative Economy and Creative Organisations. He also is been tutoring Bachelor students in their Bachelor Thesis since 2012 in organizational development.

Mr. Do Carmo holds four Master Degrees. The first was an MBA in 1992 at Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil), then a Master in Logistics at University of São Paulo (USP – Brazil), and a Master Degree in Marketing at Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil). The volunteer job as fundraiser at Museu Lasar Segall (Brazil) indicated the way to his fourth Master in Cultural Management at University of Bologna (Italy).

After completing his Master's thesis “Collaboration among Museums”, he’s continuing his studies persuing a PhD degree (supervised by Dr. Arjo Klamer) with the dissertation “Cultural Valorisation – An Evaluation Method To Exhibit The Impacts And Conserve Art Museums”. In this work he’s developing an evaluation method that will serve as strategic guide, accounting cultural achievements and organizational sustainability.

Besides the aforementioned disciplines, Mr. Do Carmo is also interested in Cultural Entrepreneurship. Since 2013 he led and tutored two groups of Bachelor and Master volunteers-students to realize visual-art exhibitions, applying concepts learned in theoretical courses.

Mr Do Carmo has teaching experiences in Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, and presented articles in conferences in Portugal, Denmark and Japan. Beside 15 years of corporate experience, he’s being consulting cultural organizations in Brazil, the Netherlands and Sweden since 2011.