Noah van Dongen, MA


Biographical Note

Since February 2014, Noah van Dongen (1986) is working as a tutor at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. Noah studied Fine Arts at the Willem the Kooning Academy and recently finished his Master of Arts and Culture Studies (cum laude) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Noah is a proponent and fervent defender of the quantitative research method. With pleasure and enthusiasm he teaches statistics to bachelor students and appreciates assisting bachelor and master thesis students with methodological and statistical issues.

His Bachelor thesis focused on art appreciation from a neurological and socio-cultural perspectiveusing an experimental design with digital reproductions of paintings. The aim of the study was to test the effect of luminosity contrast in paintings on participants’ appreciation in relation to socio-cultural participant characteristics.

His Master thesis was an expansion on his bachelor research. Apart from contrast, authenticity was added as a symbolic condition. Specifically, participants evaluated paintings with normal, increased, or decreased luminosity contrast that were presented as forgeries, originals, or of unknown authenticity. Again, participants’ appreciation of the paintings was investigated in relation to socio-cultural participant characteristics.

Extending his interdisciplinary research into art appreciation, Noah is currently collaboration with Prof. Jan van Strien (ESSB) on EEG research into the effect of art context on emotion regulation and with Dr. Katinka Dijkstra (ESSB) on experimental research into the effects artworks’ formal features have on appreciation. With Prof. Koen van Eijck and alumnus of Arts and Culture Studies Merel van Engelen he is currently finishing a study on the effect of expertise on perception of art, through measurement with mobile eye-tracking glasses on participants in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.