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Dr. Erwin Dekker 

Assistant Professor Cultural Economics


Biographical Note

Erwin Dekker is assistant professor in cultural economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has recently completed his Ph.D thesis ‘The Viennese students of Civilization: Humility, Culture and Economics in Interwar Vienna and Beyond’. He has also published in the field of cultural economics, economic methodology and intellectual history, and he is currently working on valuation regimes. Previously he has worked as lecturer at the European Studies department at the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in political economy.

He holds a MSc degree from the London School of Economics in the 'Philosophy of the Social Sciences' and a bachelor degree in both 'Economics' and 'Political Science' from the University of Amsterdam. Occasionally he is involved in giving policy advice to the cultural sector. His research interests include cultural economics, the history of economics and the social processes of science.



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Arts and Culture studies

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