Alex Gekker PhD


Biographical Note

Alex Gekker is a Lecturer in the departments of Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam and Media & Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He completed his PhD at Utrecht University, working on the relations between mapping, digital interfaces and power. He is interested in ways socio-technical systems are designed to influence users, and his research touched upon quantification and datafication of society, the experience economy and interface critique.

Additionally, he has participated in the field of games and play studies over his career, both as a scholar and practitioner. He has launched an early prototype of a location-based game, and was part of the co-founding team of the Games for Health Europe series of conferences and now co-designs Playfields, a playful tool for teaching fieldwork.

Beyond specific topics, he has been increasingly interested in methods and methodologies, constantly looking into new ways of doing research and teaching altogether.

In the past he has worked in a variety of media positions, as journalist, editor and spokesperson.