Evie de Groot, MA

Programme Coordinator MA Media Studies

Biographical Note

After high school Evie was very unsure about what her true interest areas were and what kind of study she would like to do for the upcoming years. Taking a gap year seemed like the right option to truly figure this out. In this gap year she lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 months where she went to a language school to study Business English and did an internship at a PR company. This internship evoked a passion and interest for communication and media as well as a love for working in an international environment. This is why she knew when she accidentally stumbled upon the study IBCoM, that this would be the perfect program for her. She started IBCoM in 2013 and finished in 2016. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree, she started the Master Media & Business at the ESHCC. Since she had a growing interest into the challenges and opportunities of communication and media processes that companies and corporations face, she felt like this Master program could live up to her interests and expectations. As of now she will temporarily take over Lidewij Radix’ role as Master Media studies programme coordinator.