Arno van der Hoeven PhD

Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

Arno van der Hoeven is Assistant Professor in the department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He teaches courses about media theory, the media industries and cultural globalisation. His current research projects focus on culture and heritage in cities:

1) Online urban heritage: the contribution of participatory heritage websites (e.g. city blogs, local Facebook groups, and memory websites) to the public’s engagement with historic urban landscapes.

2) The places of live music: the economic, cultural and social values of live music for cities. This research is part of the NWO-funded POPLIVE-project.

Next to his teaching and research activities, Arno is chair of the board of the heritage organisation DIG IT UP. Arno holds MA degrees in Communication Science from Radboud University Nijmegen and Sociology from the University of Antwerp. In 2014, Arno obtained his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam.His dissertation, Popular Music Memories: Places and practices of popular music heritage, memory and cultural identity, looked at the different ways in which popular music is remembered and evokes memories.

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