Dr S.M. (Susan) Hogervorst

Susan Hogervorst is an assistant professor in historical culture and history didactics at Open Universiteit Nederland. At Erasmus University, she conducts a postdoc research project on the uses of online war testimonies in museums and education. This project is part of the Research Excellence Initiative (REI) Program ‘War! Popular Culture and European Heritage of Major Armed Conflicts’. This interdisciplinary program aims to examine how the heritage of modern war history is represented and appropriated in contemporary popular culture, and which modifications or additions can be advised to harmonize these appropriations with the requirements and principles of democratic historical and civic education.

Susan has studied history at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Genderstudies at the University of Amsterdam and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. In 2010, she graduated on her PhD thesis about European memory cultures of concentration camp Ravensbrück, 1945-2010 at Erasmus University. In 2015, she wrote a book about the public memory of the Nazi bombardment of Rotterdam, together with dr. Patricia van Ulzen. Her research and teaching activities concern cultural memory, history didactics, digital humanities, public history, oral history and 20th century European history.