Prof. Dr. Jeroen Jansz

Full Professor of Communication and Media

Biographical Note

Jeroen Jansz holds the Chair of Communication and Media in the Department of Media & Communication. He is a member of the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication, and Culture (ERMeCC).

Please, visit his blog for the most recent and detailed information about research and teaching.

His research takes the ubiquity of the Internet as a starting point and aims to understand and explain the changing relations between media consumers and media producers in contemporary participatory culture. The project builds upon his earlier research on interactive entertainment media, in particular digital games. Currently, his (externally funded) research concentrates on persuasive gaming.

He teaches in IBCoM, the International Bachelor's programme in Communication and Media as well as in the international MA Media, Culture and Society

In April 2016, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Serious Gaming was launched on Coursera. The MOOC has been developed by Jeroen Jansz, Mijke Slot and their support team. In less than a year it attracted more than 20.000 visitors.

During his career Jeroen Jansz has held many administrative positions. He is the current President of NeFCA, the Netherlands Flanders Communication Association. He is co-founder of the Game Studies Division in the International Communication Association and the Dutch chapter of the Digital Games Research Association. He serves and has served on the editorial board of several journals, including Journal of Media PsychologyGames & Culture, Media PsychologyTheory & Psychology, and P&M. Outside academia, he is member of the Advisory Board of 'Kijkwijzer' (the Dutch rating system for audio-visual productions) and a member of the Experts Group of PEGI (Pan European Game Information) and chair of PEGI’s Complaints Board.

Within the ESHCC, Jeroen Jansz is the Director of Education.