Dorottya Kiss, MA


Biographical Note

Dorottya has a multidisciplinary background and works within the fields and at the crossroads of art, sciences, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Dorottya started as a performing artist on stage and continued as a choreographer and director of her own fusion dance theater company. 

Besides being a performing artist (BA) 'from origin', Dorottya holds a BA degree in Cultural Sciences (incl. a Minor at the Erasmus School of Economics) and two MAs in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship and Arts/Cultural Sciences (EUR). 

She exchanged the theater’s stage into the university’s stage. She is not only an alumnus but since 2015 also a lecturer at EUR. 

Devoted to Communication Sciences, Positive Psychology, Conflict Management, (Business & Self) Development & Neuro Economics & attained extra certifications through studies. Dorottya is also a certified NLP specialist (Neuro Linguistic Programming: Licensed NLP MA Practitioner, NLP Communication & Advanced NLP Communication Certification, Motivational Coach & Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach). 

She is a serial entrepreneur, founded (will found) and ran several businesses, and is currently consulting & training individuals and organizations/ businesses to aim for the best version of what they can be. Dorottya is involved in the development and implementation of the scientific Value Based Method (VBA), of 'measuring the immeasurable' (Klamer & Petrova).  

She is currently writing a book which will be published in 2018, where arts/ creativity, science(s), and NLP will collide.