Nataliya Komarova

Nataliya Komarova is a lecturer in the Department of Arts and Culture Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam. Her PhD research is part of the NWO-funded project "The Globalization of High Culture: How Markets for Contemporary Art Develop in Brazil, Russia, India and China" (principal investigator Dr. O. Velthuis), which started in 2011.

Her PhD project focuses on the comparison of contemporary art markets’ development in Russia and India from the perspectives of economic and cultural sociology. Nataliya is interested in the cultural dimension of markets’ functioning and the influence of local contexts on the composition of national art markets. For this project, she did ethnography in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, New Delhi and Mumbai and collected interviews with key art market participants (mainly artists, gallerists and art collectors).

Nataliya holds MA Degrees in Sociology from the Research University – Higher School of Economics (Russia, Moscow) and the University of Manchester (UK). She worked as a junior researcher at the Center for Fundamental Sociology, Higher School of Economics (2007-2011), where she was a member of the Cultural Sociology research group. In addition, she worked in the research project "Public spaces in contemporary Moscow: a study of cultural transformations" (principal investigator N. Samutina). In this project she studied photography as a contemporary cultural practice of visual perception and looked at its influence on the production of social space, focusing on restoration of historical monuments. 

Her research interests include cultural sociology, contemporary art, visual perception, culture of markets.