An Kuppens PhD


Biographical Note

An Kuppens joined the Department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University in September 2009. She works a lecturer for the International Bachelor's in Communication and Media and the Master's programme in Media and Journalism.

She received her PhD degree in Communication in September 2009 (University of Antwerp, Belgium). Her doctoral dissertation is entitled English in Flemish media: Transculturation, performativity and audience design in two case studies. Her research focuses on globalization and popular culture, with a special interest in language-related issues (e.g., the global spread of English).

Publications include:

7. Van der Pol, F. & Kuppens, A. (in press). "True” Black Metal: The construction of authenticity by Dutch black metal fans. Communications, 39(2). [SSCI Impact Factor: 0.293; 59/72 in Communication]

6. Kuppens, A. (2013, in press). Cultural globalization and the global spread of English: From “separate fields, similar paradigms” to a transdisciplinary approach. Globalizations, 10(2) [SSCI Impact Factor: 0.468; 56/89 in Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary]

5. Kuppens, A. & Mast, J. (2012). Ticket to the Tribes. Culture Shock and the "Exotic" in Intercultural Reality TV. Media, Culture and Society, 35(7): 799-814 [SSCI Impact Factor: 1.140; 20/72 in Communication]

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2. Kuppens A. (2009). Authenticating subcultural identities: African-American and Jamaican English in niche media. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 33(1): 43-57.

1. Kuppens A. (2007). De invloed van mediagebruik op de verwerving van Engelse woordenschat: een empirische studie bij Vlaamse jongeren. Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap, 35(4): 325-336.  [SSCI Impact Factor: 0.171; 66/67 in Communication]