Janna Michael MSc

PhD Candidate / Lecturer

Biographical Note

Janna Michael is a lecturer and a PhD candidate at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

She teaches ‘Arts, Culture and Engagement’ in the Arts, Culture and Society Master, as well as tutorials in Statistics, Introduction to Social Science Research, Contemporary approaches to Cultural Sociology and also Economic Geography of Creativity and Urban development.

Her PhD dissertation investigates status distinction mechanisms among different social groups of people in North-Western Europe. How is status distinction practiced and negotiated while cultural hierarchies and symbolic meanings are changing?  Despite plenty of research on cultural consumption, relatively little is known about the meaning attached to these activities, and how they relate to identity.  In her PhD-project, Janna investigates how different status rendering criteria such as ‘high’ and ‘lowbow’ taste, authenticity, openness, and novelty are negotiated and organized among these different social groups, and what underlying values are at play.

Janna studied Sociology at the University of Hamburg and Oslo. After gaining  experience in market research as well as policy-oriented research, she joined the Research Master program Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.