Dr T. (Trilce) Navarrete Hernandez

Trilce Navarrete joined the Erasmus University as lecturer in 2016 to contribute to the Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship program. She holds an MA in Cultural Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, an MA in Museum Management from the University of Oregon and a PhD from the University of Amsterdam.

Research interests

As researcher of digital heritage (15 years) with focus on economic changes brought by a digital work form (10 years), Trilce has been driven by an interest to support access to heritage materials, through supporting evidence based policy towards facilitating (re)use of heritage knowledge. Areas of interest include the impact of new technologies to access heritage knowledge, the economics of digital heritage, national digital heritage accounts, online interactivity and digital content management.


Previously, Trilce was part of RICHES, a PF7 EU funded project about innovation and change in the European society, where she conducted an economic analysis of the impact of digitization and of taxation in the production, distribution and consumption of culture. She participated in this project as postdoc researcher at the University of Southern Denmark.

Other projects and activities

Digital heritage has been at the heart of Trilce’s work. She was responsible for the first national documentation of the economic historic of digital heritage, focused on Dutch museums, which formed the base for her dissertation. The book entitled ‘A History of Digitization’ is available online.

Trilce has been involved in the development of European digital heritage statistics, first with the NUMERIC and ENUMERATE projects and later as part of the European Group of Museum Statistics (EGMUS). She has also contributed to the development of museum standards, including the Museum Statistics ISO 18461 and the working Key Indicators for Museums ISO 21426.

Trilce has been chair and co-chair of the Data and Insights Special Interest Group of the Museum Computer Network since 2013, and is secretary of the Documentation Committee of the International Council of Museums since 2016.