Rens Peeters MA

PhD Candidate

Biographical Note

Rens Peeters is a PhD candidate in the Department of Media & Communication in the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. His PhD focuses on the production, exhibition and reception of discourses around race/ethnicity and gender in mediated sports. From September 2015 onwards he will work under supervision of dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg and Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen on a two year research project into the audience reflection on and use of discourses on race/ethnicity and gender as they circulate in televised football.

Rens obtained a BA (2011) in Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University and has an MA in Media Studies (2013) from Utrecht University. Besides working at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he also works as a junior researcher at the Mulier Instituut in Utrecht where he is involved with research on the media representation of women's football in the Netherlands.