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Lidewij Radix, MA

Master Program Coordinator

Biographical Note

In 2003 Lidewij started with her bachelor in Archaeology at Leiden University. After her graduation, she decided to continue her study in the field of archaeology by pursuing a master in Science Bases Archaeology, specializing in human osteology and isotope research. Her choice for this master program was partially based on the international aspect of this study which made it possible to attend internships in France and Austria. These experiences made it possible for Lidewij to write her final thesis based upon her research in Syria, where she was working for three continues summers.

After graduating, Lidewij started working as an archaeological consultant in Woerden. Soon however, she realized that her passion for archaeology, human osteology and isotope research would probably not result in many job opportunities. This made her decide to switch jobs, after which she started working as a secretary to the Board of Examiners at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University in 2010. Later, she also became a member of the Faculty Council and the team leader of the Exam Office. Because she really enjoys working in an academic climate, but truly missing the vibrant life in the Randstad, she decided it was time to face a new challenge which she found at the Erasmus University.