Iris Segers, MSc

Visiting Lecturer

Biographical Note

Iris Segers (1992) is a PhD candidate at the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. She is also an affiliate PhD scholar at the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Oslo.

As a visiting scholar and a lecturer, she is involved in teaching the BA-1 course Introduction to Social Science Research.

Her PhD research focuses on immigration attitudes, and specifically protests against asylum seeker centres in the Netherlands. Her key interest lies in the different ideological and material reasons citizens have for opposing the placement of asylum seeker centres. In doing so, she analyses the placement of asylum seeker centres from a local citizen perspective, whilst situating it in the context of wider societal, media-based discussions about immigration issues.

Iris graduated from the IBCoM programme in 2013. She then completed the Research Master in Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts in 2015, after which she taught various research methods courses as a lecturer for the IBCoM programme. She started her PhD in Norway in the autumn of 2016.