Jaco van den Dool MA

PhD Candidate/Lecturer

Biographical Note

Jaco van den Dool (1980) is a lecturer and PhD-candidate at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. After playing piano from a young age, he auditioned for the Conservatory of Rotterdam in 1998 and obtained a BA in music education 4 years later. He taught general music, private piano lessons and enthusiastically led several big bands and musical productions at high schools in the Netherlands.

During his years as a music teacher he developed a deep interest for music of various cultures in the world. This made him decide to move to Nepal where he worked at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory as a piano teacher and music education trainer. Coming back from Asia he studied musicology at the University of Amsterdam and received his MA in the summer of 2011. His passion for music education eventually resulted in a master thesis on ways of transmission of music at music institutes in the Netherlands.

Current activities

He is currently involved in a training program for Nepali musicians. In addition, he is the director of School of Performing Arts Kathmandu, founded in 2011. After the destructive earthquake in 2015 this institute mainly focuses on providing music therapy for homeless children and performing arts classes for less fortunate state schools and orphanages.

At present, he conducts his PhD research in the field of music transmission and learning strategies. The main goal of his research is scrutinizing the music transmission process of young musicians in band formations in Nepal and The Netherlands. This study seeks to understand the complex role of the body in the transmission process in order to contribute to the understanding and implementation of intermusical and intersensory modes of transmission in formal music education. By including various musical learning styles in Nepal and the Netherlands he strives to contribute to the academic debate on learning strategies in a global context.

Since 1 October 2015, Jaco will also be a lecturer at Codarts, University of the Arts in Rotterdam. In this position, he will research the ways in which digital tools can improve the more traditional education in the fields of dance, music and circus.