Tina van der Vlies MA


Biographical Note

Tina van der Vlies works as a lecturer and PhD candidate at the Centre for Historical Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research project “Historical Scholarship and School History: National Narratives in Dutch and English Textbooks, 1920-2010” is funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

Van der Vlies graduated cum laude in History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed an Honours Degree trajectory as well. Working as a history teacher, she also graduated cum laude in Education from the University of Leiden. Recently, she was awarded with the ISCHE Early Career Paper Award.

Award: ISCHE Early Career Paper Award

Tina van der Vlies has been awarded with the ‘ISCHE Early Career Paper Award’ at the International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE) in Istanbul in 2015. She received the award for her paper "Multidirectional War Narratives in History Textbooks", presented at the ISCHE Conference "Education, War and Peace" in London in 2014.

Award: Grant to organise symposium ‘Rhetoric of the Past’

In 2015, The Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG) invited young historians to write a proposal for their ‘ideal symposium’. Laurie Slegtenhorst and I submitted our idea ‘Rhetoric of the Past’, in order to explore how and why people re-appropriate specific rhetoric from the past in present contexts, such as the 1989 slogan ‘Wir sind das Volk’ during the recent Pegida demonstrations in Dresden. The rhetorical use of the past can articulate a certain identity and influence historical consciousness. Especially now, in times of cultural diversity, it is important to gain more insight. How and why do people use references to the past? How can we analyse these practices in text and images? And how do people respond as consumers to these practices?

This idea was awarded and the symposium took place in September 2016. The keynote speaker was Professor Michael Rothberg from the University of Illinois, who is well-known for his book Multidirectional Memory.